Concert Board Bylaws

000. The Concert Board as a Whole

010. Definitions

010.1 The following definitions shall be definitive for the purposes of interpreting the Bylaws and Constitution of ASUAF:

010.2 Abstention - A non-vote affecting neither the passage nor failure of any action or legislation.

010.3 Amendment - The change (addition, subtraction or modification) of a proposed piece of legislation or of a motion.

010.4 ASUAF Concert Board - May be referred to as only "Concert Board" from this point forward, or "the Board" in some cases.

010.5 ASUAF Student Government Fee - The specific ASUAF Student Activity Fee which funds the operation of the Student Government.

010.6 Biweekly, Every third week, and similar terms- Any reference to a recurring event with a period time separation less than "semiannual" shall be interpreted as occurring at the specified time period after the most recent occurrence of the event. Thus, if a "Biweekly" event is postponed, then all such biweekly events are similarly postponed; or if a report is required "every third week", and a person makes this report early, the next report is due three weeks from that time.

010.7 Farkle - the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Must always be best two (2) out of three (3).

010.8 Majority vote - More than half of all those voting. May be called simple majority.

010.9 Malfeasance - A violation of these Bylaws or the ASUAF Constitution by an elected official of ASUAF during that person's term of office.

010.10 Misfeasance - The improper performance of some act which an elected official of ASUAF during that person's term of office.

010.11 Nonfeasance - Nonperformance of some act which a person is obligated or has responsibility to perform; omission to perform a required duty at all; or total neglect of duty.

010.12 Quorum - The number of members of a body required to hold a legal meeting. For the purposes the Concert Board, a quorum shall be defined as a simple majority. For the purpose of obtaining a quorum, the Concert Board Coordinator shall not be considered.

010.13 Referendum - The process of referring to the electorate for approval a proposed new constitution, constitutional amendment, article of legislation or policy decision.

020. Concert Board Preamble

020.1 The objective of the ASUAF Concert Board is to provide UAF students and the campus community with stimulating, interesting, and professional entertainment.

030. ASUAF Concert Board Oath of Office

030.1 At the first regular meeting of the Concert Board after taking office, each member, including the Coordinator shall take the ASUAF Concert Board Oath of Office.

030.2 ASUAF Concert Board Oath of Office:

"I, (name), hereby swear and affirm that I meet all qualifications of the office of ASUAF Concert Board member, and that I shall serve the members of the Association, and the greater UAF community to the best of my ability. I will use my unique talents to provide a forum of education and entertainment to the university as a whole. Let's always have fun and pull out all the stops to put on the best damn show we possibly can. With Liberty and Justice for all, nondenominational amen."

100. Concert Board Members

101. Concert Board Composition

101.1 ASUAF Concert Board shall be a six-member board, with 5 voting members.

101.1.1 One (1) is elected by the student body in the Fall ASUAF Elections

101.1.2 One (1) is elected by the student body in the Spring ASUAF Elections

101.1.3 One (1) is appointed by the KSUA Media Board

101.1.4 One (I) is appointed by the ASU AF President

101.1.5 One (1) is appointed by the ASUAF Senate

101.1.6 The Concert Board Coordinator, who shall be the presiding officer, and ex-officio non-voting member of the Concert Board

102. Term of Office

102.1 The term of office for Board members will be for one year.

102.1.1 The terms of the fall and spring seats will begin when the election results are made official by the ASUAF senate.

102.2 There is no limit to the number of terms a member of the Board may serve.

103. Concert Board Coordinator

103.1 The Concert Board Coordinator is a staff employee of ASUAF.

103..2 The Concert Board Coordinator is the chair of the Concert Board, and as such is in charge of coordinating meeting times for the Concert Board.

103.3 The Concert Board Coordinator is responsible for enacting the will of the Concert Board when possible.

103.4 The Concert Board Coordinator is responsible for organizing all aspects of Concert Board sanctioned events.

103.5 If the Coordinator position is vacant, a new Coordinator shall be interviewed and hired by members of ASUAF administration and members of the Concert Board (The ASUAF Senate Chair, ASUAF President, and Concert Board members).

104. Meetings

104.1 The Concert Board will meet a minimum of four (4) times per semester.

104.2 Quorum for a meeting of the Concert Board shall be a majority of its voting members.

104.3 Meetings may take place if quorum is not met.

104.3.1 At any meeting in which quorum is not met, no voting may take place.

105. Removal

105.1 Elected and Appointed Concert Board members are subject to removal and replacement on the basis that Concert Board members are ASUAF appointees of student committees, as per ASUAF bylaw 615.1-615.3.

106. Attendance

106.1 A Concert Board Member who is appointed or elected to any assembly may be removed from that assembly by a 2/3 vote of the Concert Board, for accumulation of absences during their term of office from that assembly's meetings, in any of the following combinations.

106.1.1 3 unexcused absences; or

106.1.2 4 excused absences; or

106.3 3 unexcused absences and 2 unexcused absences.

106.2 A Concert Board who is on official ASUAF business shall be exempt from the attendance policy for the missed meeting.

107. Vacancies

107.1 Any vacancy on the Concert Board shall be filled accordingly;

107.1.1 A fall or spring elected seat shall be filled with an appointment made by the President and confirmed by the Senate. This new member will serve the remainder of the vacant seats term.

107.1.2 If the KSUA Media Board seat is vacated, the KSUA Media Board may appoint a person to fill the vacant seat.

107.1.3 If the President's appointment seat is vacated, the President may appoint a person to fill the vacant seat.

107.1.4 If the Senate's appointment seat is vacated, the Senate may appoint a person to fill the vacant seat.

107.1.5 The Concert Board Chair may submit nominees to fill any open seat, but they must be accepted by the appointing body.

200. Powers and Duties

200.1 The Concert Board is charged with finding, hiring, and promoting concerts and events to enrich the cultural community of UAF and the surrounding area.

200.2 The Concert Board is charged with maintaining and increasing the Concert Board Event Fund.

200.3 In accordance with 200.1, an incurred loss to the Concert Board Event Fund will not be considered negligence on the part of the Concert Board except in drastically extreme circumstances.

200.4 The Concert Board may adopt proposals utilizing funds in the Concert Board Budget.

200.5 Members of the Concert Board shall be involved with all stages of the planning, production, and promotion of Concert Board activities.

200.5.1 Membership in the Concert Board should be considered a training scenario for future work in promotions, and should be given consideration as such.

200.6 If no Concert Board Coordinator exists, the student chair shall serve until such time as a Concert Board Coordinator can be found.

200.7 Since there are only 5 voting members, every vote taken must be a majority, in the instance of a 2-2 tie, two members of opposing votes will Farkle (bylaw 010.7), and the winner will achieve the majority vote.

201. Student Chair

201.1 A Student Chair will be chosen by seniority on the Concert Board.

201.1.1 If two or more members have been on the Concert Board for the same amount of time then they will Farkle, for the chairmanship.

201.1.2 If the most senior member does not choose to accept the chairmanship, it will be passed down to the next senior member.

202. Student Chair Powers and Duties

202.1 All powers and duties of the Student Chair will be shared with the Concert Board Coordinator.

202.1.1 To preside over meetings of the Concert Board.

202.1.2 To schedule all Concert Board Meetings.

202.1.3 To prepare the agenda and schedule a meeting room for the Concert Board.

202.1.4 To keep accurate files of all Concert Board's business, including but not limited to the minutes for each meeting. The Chair may appoint a secretary to take the minutes if necessary.

202.1.5 The Chair must present a report to the ASUAF Senate at the first senate meeting each month. This report may be in person or submitted in writing.

202.1.6 The Chair must keep a good working relationship with the Concert Board Coordinator and must take an active role in the functions of the Coordinator's Job.

203.1 The Student Chair will be elected at the beginning of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

203. Financial Oversight

203.1 A written budget for appropriations adopted by the Concert Board shall be presented to ASUAF at the close of each fiscal year.

203.2 The Concert Board Coordinator will coordinate with the ASUAF Student Leadership Coordinator in all budgetary and accounting matters regarding the Concert Board.

203.3 The responsibilities of ASUAF shall be:

203.1 ASUAF shall transfer 15.0 percent of the total Student Government Fee each semester to the Concert Board.

203.1.2 ASUAF shall retain sole financial responsibility for all Concert Board expenditures.

300. Adoption and Amendment

300.1 These bylaws must be adopted by a majority vote of the Concert Board and presented to the ASUAF Senate and ASUAF President.

301.1 Bylaws may be amended or rescinded by a vote of the Concert Board. Such a vote requires a majority of the Concert Board.

301.2 New Bylaws may be created which would not conflict with current Bylaws by a vote. Such a change requires a majority vote of the Concert Board.

301.3 New Bylaws may be created which would specifically take precedence over old Bylaws. This is a partial recession of the old Bylaw and therefore requires a majority vote of the Concert Board.

301.4 Recession and amendment of old Bylaws and creation of new Bylaws may be implicitly required, rather than explicitly stated.

400. Ratification, amendment and termination of the ASUAF Concert Board Governance Agreement

401.1 The agreement became effective when it was ratified by a majority vote of ASUAF members voting in the Spring 2003 ASUAF Election.

401.1.1 The agreement is only effective when it was ratified in conjunction with the $5 increase to the ASUAF Student Government Fee proposed in the Spring 2003 ASUAF Election.

402.1 The agreement may be amended by a majority vote of ASUAF members voting in a general ASUAF Election.

403.1 The agreement may be terminated by a 3/5 vote of ASUAF members voting in a general ASUAF Election.

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