Minutes for ASUAF Senate Meeting 174-K

Call to Order

The ASUAF senate was called to order at 4:04 PM on Sunday, April 25th 2010 by Senate Chair Senator Ryan Duffy in the Alumni Lounge of Constitution Hall. ASUAF President Todd Vorisek, and Vice President Jay Leonard, Recycling Director Ryan Good, Government Relations Director Nicole Carvajal, and Sustainability Director Michael Golub.

Roll Call

Present were Senators White, Bole, Caulfield, Cunningham, Farrell, Currey, Cooper, Duffy, Helms, Cervin, Brown, and Freitag.

Excused was Senator Grzeskowiak-Amezquita.

Unexcused were Senators Helms (tardy 4:11), and Meyers.

Introduction of Guests

Morgan Simpson- ABADA Capoeira Club

Guest Remarks

Morgan Simpson- recently brought an instructor to Fairbanks to start a school. In the process, the club went into debt to one of their club members, and they would like ASUAF to help them get out of their debt of $400.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes for ASUAF Senate Meeting 174-O


Call to Order

ASUAF Special Senate Meeting 174-O was called to order Monday, May 31st 2010 at 6:20PM in Reichardt room 300 by Senate Chair Ryan Duffy.

Roll Call

Senate Resolution 148-012 - Sigma Phi Epsilon

Senate Resolution 148-009 - Formal Appeal Not To Strike

Senate Resolution 148-003 - Zero Tolerance for Hazing

Senate Bill 148-035 - Funding for ASUAF Plaques

Senate Bill 148-033 - Reimbursement for AISES Conference

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